Team collaboration

Take a look. Give feedback. Solve the problem.

With Avocode your team, clients and contractors can finally have a look at any design version you share with them, discuss changes and push your project further.


Chat right on top of your designs.

Annotate any area

Comment precisely on point or annotate any highlighted area.

Start a discussion

Reply, discuss changes and solve the annotation on any version.

Mention your colleaguesNew

Use the @ symbol to tag your teammates and they will be notified.

Get notified in Slack when things change.

Receive designs updates, comments and replies in your favorite work chat tool. You can either get all the notifications in one #channel or pair different #channels with specific projects.

Explore app integrations

See and manage user access permissions.

Invite clients or contractors and assign them custom permissions to keep your internal designs private. Take full control and set which projects will be accessible to whom in your team.


Invite Guest users

Invite unlimited umber of reviewers, clients and stakeholders to view and comment on specific designs.

Hand-off & Inspect

Struggles with opening design files?

Hand-off and inspect any design.

Design Management

Can't find or access a design file?

Keep your designs organized and in sync.